Social media has become the top most visited places in the world today. Although it’s not physical, millions of people visit different social media applications every day. For an activity like marketing, social media marketing for business would help you reach millions of people in just a little time. 

Marketing can only be effective where you have a great population of people because there’s no way a quarter of that population won’t respond to your advert or marketing. According to research, retailers have seen a 133% increase in their revenues from social media marketing. If you’re still in doubt that social media marketing is valuable to your business, we’ve listed some of the reasons that will clear your doubt. 

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Why Social Media Marketing Is Valuable to Your Business

1. You Can Connect With Old and New Customers

One thing you should know is that 90% of your customers are all on social media, with the advancement of technology, even older people now use social media. You can find your customers on social media by inviting them or reaching out to them. For instance, if you’re running a graphic designing business, a page can be created on Facebook in which you’ll invite all of your existing customers to join and also reach out to new customers, this way they can see your updates and new developments. 

2. The Cost of Social Media Marketing Is Low

Starting social media marketing comes at no cost; nobody will ask you to pay for entry. However, to capture more audiences, you would have to pay a little amount of money compared to the normal physical marketing cost. Some social media marketing agency doesn’t require much money to market your business. For example, when you create a Facebook page, you may be required to promote to page at a certain price in other to reach thousands of clients. 

3. It Brings You and Your Customers Closer

Social Media Marketing for Business

Social media marketing would bring you and your customers closer to each other and you would be able to understand your clients and find out where your product may be lacking. Furthermore, you would be able to access complaints and thereby adjust your business strategy. With social media marketing, you would understand your customer needs and behavior thereby increasing your sales and traffic. 

4. No Barrier to Entry  

Social media marketing is very easy to set up, not only does it require low cost it does not require any barrier to entry. You can either do it yourself or involve an online social media marketing agency. Any of the two is preferable depending on your level of understanding. An individual can create business profiles on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, marketing can be done through Facebook pages and twitter handles. 

5. It Increases Brand Loyalty

With social media marketing, the loyalty of your customers is bound to increase because they now see your platform as a place where they can communicate with the business owner himself. Social media doesn’t stop with just advertising or showing off your products it helps you maintain perfect communication with your clients, and as you communicate effectively with your customers you create trust and loyalty.


There’s no doubt that marketing on social media would bring about customer satisfaction in your business. With these reasons that we’ve explained above, you should be convinced and take a step to start your social media marketing scheme. Your customers are waiting for you to approach them, don’t stay outdated, take a step now, and enjoy the benefits of social media marketing.