Social media has given us the opportunity to express ourselves. To show the world what we are made of and it has given room for talented individuals to create a world for themselves. Almost half of the population of the world is on social media. The platform was created for us to share our thoughts with loved ones as well as make new friends across the globe; it’s an innovation that help us bring the world together. Hence, you should promote yourself on social media.

In this article, we’ll be looking at how one can promote themselves on social media. Everybody wants to be noticed in this platform; most people want to gain awareness, some want to become famous. Everything lies in how well you promote yourself.

We’ve outlined several guidelines that will help the promotion of you on social media worth it. 

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Here Are 8 Tips To Promote Yourself On Social Media

1. Be Personal

promote yourself on social media

People like to know what going on in others peoples live; they want to know you more, so you have to be personal when addressing your social media friends. If something funny happened in your neighborhood, you can tell it to them. Maybe you’re the funny type then make funny videos on your personal life, just to grasp the attention of your social media friends.   

2. Be Creative

To be noticed on social media, you have to be very creative. Individuals see many posts on their news feed every day, to capture a social media user attention; you’ve to give something attractive if it’s a design, video, or picture. Make it attractive, do not post ordinary texts, 80% of users skip it.   

3. Be Proud Of Yourself

Because you want to promote yourself on social media doesn’t mean you should depreciate anything you post. Be happy with what you share, even if it’s not drawing the audience you want. Don’t be pushed back by comments, everybody cannot like you!

4. Be Very Interactive

Don’t ever snub your audience if you want to promote yourself on social media. Reply their messages and make sure what you post are engaging and interactive. Make meaningful post, something they can learn from and ask questions. You can even make a joke teach something, it about how creative you’re. 

5. Be Your Very Self

Do not pretend to be who you’re not just because you want to promote yourself, be the best you can be, always be the real you, and let your audience know that. 

6. Post Frequently and Consistently

You should be consistent with the frequency of your postings. Consistency is of great importance to building an audience on social media.

7. Make Use Of Hashtags

Using hashtags would help you reach people faster than normal; the people you tag may be the first to see your post. Hashtags can also be used for certain words, for instance, if you’d be watching “Bloodshot” at the cinema that evening you can make a post and hashtag the word #Cinema, #Bloodshot in the post. 

8. Do Giveaways If You Can

This isn’t a must, but to get the audience attracted to you, giveaways can help. It’s not mostly monetary value you give; you can also give material things. Make the giveaway interactive, this means giving your audience tasks and rewarding the person who wins. 


We have many people that have become very famous through social media; some used their talents, while some just follow the normal principles. We’ve given you some tips on how to promote yourself on social media. We hope this works for you!